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    Welcome To Our Company!
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    Being aware of the increasing competition on the basic control sensor light in the market, and to always keep staying on top of the competition, Ultranik was launched as a 2nd brand of Hytronik to meet the budgetary commodity product in 2015. 

    Ultranik has all kinds of HF motion sensors and integrated sensorDIMTM LED Drivers with both EU version & US version, which are with aggressive and attractive price. Meanwhile, Ultranik shares R&D force and production line with Hytronik, in this way, Ultranik products are not only with competitive price, but also with stable and reliable performance. 5 years warranty and local service in the regions where Hytronik has local companies are offered as well. 

    Ultranik Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

    3rd Floor Building C, Bai gang southern Road 155#, Xiao Jin Kou town, Hui Cheng District, Hui zhou, Guang Dong

    T : 153 6010 2378

    Q Q :2746923476


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